Saturday, January 12, 2008

Linda's Book - Girl Gumshoes!

(above, Linda Bean's cover)

OK, from the minute I heard Linda Bean's theme of Girl Gumshoes - I was intrigued. Perhaps a little scared - could I do this theme justice? It was so original, and I had never worked with a theme like this before. What did it mean? A girl detective?? What would I do?? Here is what Linda wrote to us back in June when we were gathering our players and our AB ideas:

"So here's the scoop on Girl Gumshoes. I have an old book, about 9x6, but quite thin ... all about ciphers and puzzles, which seemed just right. The Girls are all on the job, but they haven't checked in and their boss is very, very worried. I'm hopeful that you will see your way clear to sending him a clever message -- either to let him know someone is in trouble or that all is well, and put the poor man out of his misery.
Here's the initial plan: Y'all pick a Gumshoe, give her a name and an adventure (recovery of a rare poison from a remote tropical lab? Investigation of a mysterious stranger? Illicit romance on company time?) and get a message back to the Home Office. (Of course, and here's the good part, if you hate the whole thing -- girls, Gumshoes, mysteries, messages -- you can do anything you like and I'll still be delighted.) 

Thanks, thanks, thanks. L."
I was delighted that Linda was so creative, but also very glad I was last in line to work in her book so I would have some time to think about it!! It worked out well for me. Linda's book arrived here in CT from Shauna in December. I was soon to leave on vacation and asked Linda for an extention to work in her book . . . she graciously granted it saying she rather see the book in the new year! I just sent Linda her Gumshoe book on 01/10/08 and WHAT FUN I had with the challenge! Before I wrapped it up and sent it home to her, I took photos of the entire book. I will share the photos mostly in a smaller size; just click on them for larger, more detailed photos.

 Linda's pages in her own book:

Cynthia Weed's pages in Linda, her younger sister's book!!
- click on the thumbnails to read the letters and see better!

Ann Peterson's Pages in Linda's Book:

Pilar Pollock's pages in Linda's Book - click on the thumbnails . . .

Shauna Palmer's pages in Linda's book:

Lenna Andrews' pages in Linda's Gumshoe book - click on the thumbnails . . .

WOW! what an awesome altered RR book!
thank you to Linda, Shauna, Pilar, Ann & Cynthia!
My book will soon be home & I will share it here as well . . . . . lenna 01/12/08

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cynthia's book: I could have married . . . .

Oh, Miz Cynthia, what a great theme for an altered book! I am going to share the photos I snapped while your book visited me - showing everyone's work in this exchange except for Linda Bean's. Cynthia's book should be in her mailbox anyday now . . . Linda will add her magic and then send it home to Cynthia - wow!! Can you believe we are coming to the end of this RR?? It's been great : )

Cynthia's Cover, intro page/sign in and page spreads - click on any image for more detail:

Ann Peterson's page spreads:

Pilar Pollock's page spreads:

Shauna Palmer's page spreads:

Lenna's page spreads : ))

Thank you Cynthia, for a gem of an idea!! lenna 11/23/07

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lenna in Ann's Divine Times

It took me some time to work in Ann's book because I had a lot of feelings about her theme -- and I love the small volume she gave us to work in. So, I ended up creating a number of spreads and was late sending this book off to Linda. So sorry, but it's on it's way! My art in Ann's book reflects our emails, friendship, the time we spent together when I flew out to California to visit her in 2003, and our silliness that just seems to manifest when we are together ; > )

I just could not help but think of the 'Divine Times' I have had with Ann over the years, whether this happened on the phone, via an abundance of emails, when we were creating collaborative art books together -or when I was spending time with her in her artist's studio making Pomegranate Chicken, drinking wine and watching silly old movies. Thank you, Ann from the bottom of my heart. here is lenna's art in Ann's book: